Vi and JR exhibition : Matisse

Sometimes it’s good to show off…I was thinking this as I watched residents host a private view of their own art, created over the last year at their London nursing home.

Many of these people are dealing with the after effects of a stroke, or the onset of conditions such as dementia. When showing people their work, their confidence and posture improved, they smiled and chatted more. They looked…at home.

During the project I learned a great deal from the participants and their stories and found I was encouraged to find new ways of making art accessible and engaging. Together we produced sketches, sculptural objects, textiles and sound pieces.

Vi & JR exhibition
Valuing this work is so important – I was grateful for the support (people power and funding) to get together a quality exhibition and an event where family and friends could celebrate the achievements of their loved ones – and remember that everybody has potential – at any stage of life.