I don’t ‘do’ terms, but somehow this time of year, autumn, always feels like a new beginning. I love that about my job; that it regenerates every few months, bringing me a fresh start on a regular basis. Back to zero – the possibility of anything.

So, this month brings me many new hands…1 new artist to collaborate with, 25 new families with children under 5, 20 new older participants spread over 3 boroughs and 32 new-to-me trainees in the last two weeks. (I enjoy the randomness of the numbers and the sea of new faces, but sometimes I have difficulty remembering all the names.)

I didn’t expect ruling lines on large sheets of paper, then cutting, to be such a big hit with the guys in my group…memories of draftsmanship, of preparing wallpaper, or maybe just of ruling lines? We all find the action of sliding the pen along the ruler, the measuring and the need for accuracy most pleasing.