FullSizeRender.jpgYesterday I was in The Shed, Eastbourne, presenting a multi-sensory session on WOOD as part of Sussex Reminiscence Network’s ‘Materials for Memories’ series.

Together we explored the element of wood and its different aspects; we made wood music and broke cinnamon bark to release its scent.

IMG_8741.JPGPeople spoke of strong roots, growth in springtime, the increasing rings of age (wisdom?) and of branches reaching towards the sun.

Precious wooden possessions, some passed down through generations, released the stories held within them.  A pastry wheel, a serving bowl, a figurine carved by a beloved daughter when she was a child.

Sanding and smoothing, painting and pegging; sowing the seeds of poetry.

IMG_8773.JPG         IMG_8745.JPG  And – of course – quite a lot of tea.