bringing the outside inside

The textures and scent of the broken rosemary twig, the crunch and colour of the fallen leaves. When you can no longer go outside, these things are very important: in a sterilised environment they still smell of the earth.

Art project in residential care home, North London, Autumn 2013

Zoe Frank Merlin Riley 9th ap 15
At the 21st Century Tea Dance with Frank. (In the background, The Nearly Perfect). Frank – you taught us all so much about what it means to be a true professional. Thank you x

21st Century Tea Dance 9th April 2011. Photo by Roswitha Chesher, for Entelechy Arts

Catford saboteur

Go, little plant, go!

we sing because...

A joy and privilege to be locking eyes and voices with more than 60 ‘older people’ (whatever that means) singing their hearts out in the Queen Elizabeth Hall foyer.
We sing because…life is the song we sing.

Capital Age Festival at Southbank, July 2013. Collaboration with Natasha Lohan for Trinity Laban.

beautiful tree

We filled the room with flowers and plants.
“Every day I wake up, I look out and I am grateful for the beautiful tree outside my window” she announced with deep feeling, then began to elegantly sketch.

With Chloe Harbour ( ) for Mindcare & Age Exchange

Squaring the circle or circling the square

Well, I was collecting bottle tops to use for tap dancing fingers, but my 15 year old visitor saw them in a different light. Thanks for the photo, Tils.

critical ornithology

When people go to festivals they drive miles into the countryside and yet often fail to make any connection with the nature around them. Critical Ornithology was a lighthearted attempt to encourage the artees and musos at Supernormal to reconnect with their surroundings by noticing and discussing our feathered friends, then producing human birdsong (via the simultaneous response method) to be incorporated into a later Gertrude and Friends set. Sound recordings can be found at:
Human imitation of a barn owl strongly recommended.

Project courtesy of Supernormal Festival and